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Will, or Eight Lost Years of William Shakespeare's Life

England, 1585. The young Will Shakespeare is living in the peaceful town of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the heart of England with his newlywed wife, Anne. But something’s missing. He’s dreaming of prophecies, rough magic and words no one is able to find. As he starts following these dreams, life takes him on a journey, from under the protection of an immensely rich Lord to nights in brawl taverns with travelling actors. But Elizabethan England is not an easy place to thrive…

Find out the story of how Will became William Shakespeare through this play bursting with echoes to his future works, in between fantasies and reality.


"Baumgartner’s firm belief in the power of poetry and well-placed emotional beats make Will a strangely fascinating work."
☆☆☆ The Stage

"An engrossing play which over the course of eighty minutes (eight years in eighty minutes) does what Lord Reith declared ought to be the mission of the BBC: to inform, educate and entertain." 

☆☆☆☆ London Theatre 1

"Just like any Shakespeare play, it is full of comedy and tragedy, and touches on universal and eternal themes."

☆☆☆☆ Everything Theatre

"Sam Veck, as Shakespeare, is a revelation."

☆☆☆☆  The Spy in the Stalls

WILL at The Rose Playhouse

by Photographer Marie Lauria


Cast & Creatives

William Shakespeare Sam Veck
Anne Shakespeare Katherine Moran
Olivia Burbage Beatrice Lawrence
Richard Burbage Ronnie Yorke
Earl of  Southampton / Christopher Marlowe / Gravedigger Charlie Woodward

Writer and Director Victoria Baumgartner
Costumes Karolina Luisoni
Assistant Director Ruth Hunduma
PR & Communication Noémy Menyhart

A Co-Production with Unfolds Theatre

With the generous support of

The Swiss Cultural Fund UK

The Swiss Authors' Society (La Société suisse des auteurs)

The City of Lausanne, Switzerland

*The full filmed play is available upon request*

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