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Will at the EdFringe19

Will, or Eight Lost Years of William Shakespeare's Life was performed for two weeks at the biggest arts festival in the world, from 12-17 & 18-24 August at 12.35pm in the Jade Studio at Greenside Venues @ Royal Terrace.

England, 1582. The young Will Shakespeare is living in the peaceful town of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the heart of England with his newlywed wife, Anne. But something’s missing. He’s dreaming of prophecies, rough magic and words no one is able to find. As he starts following these dreams, life takes him on a journey, from under the protection of an immensely rich Lord to nights in brawl taverns with travelling actors. But Elizabethan England is not an easy place to thrive…

We tell you the story of how Will became William Shakespeare through this play bursting with echoes to his future works, in between fantasies and reality.


Lung Ha Theatre Co

"Come join them!"

British Theatre Guide

"Will himself would have liked this.”

Derek Awards


What Fringe audiences said

"I saw this this afternoon, with my sometimes less-than-theatrical partner. We both absolutely loved it, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! One of my highlights of the Fringe. Hugely talented cast and crew. It has everything; emotion, action, excitement, laughter, tears, love and tenderness. And some amazing physical scenes. The whole production is fabulously honed, from the choice of music, to the costumes, to the story and the words, to the sparse and perfect props, to the give-it-all energy of the cast. Go see it. And take your friends."

Sarah Rauchas, choreographer & academic

"This is a well crafted, fast-paced visceral and intelligent, sexy and rich exploration of William Shakespeare and his early years from poet and lover to player and, maybe, playwright. Victoria Baumgartner is a writer and director to watch. Grab a ticket - I suspect this is a good piece for national and international touring."

Chris Grady, Theatre Producer & Founder of the MA in Creative Producing at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

"A hidden gem of a show that is creatively written and masterfully performed by 5 multi-talented performers. Perfect venue for the piece and although it is slightly out of the way it is well worth the trip. Fringe theatre at it's finest!"

Wade Ablitt, Musical Theatre composer & Producer

"Amidst the myriad of shows at the Fringe 2019, "Will, or Eight Lost Years of William Shakespeare's Life" stands out as one of the greatest shows with great writing, directing, and execution! You don't wanna miss it. It'll surely exceed your expectations! If you can only afford to watch one show, whether it's due to money or time constrain, I'd highly recommend picking this show."

Faris Alraddadi

"Amazing show! This show is a bit of a walk away, but so worth the trip. The acting and energy are superb; the cast relate very well to the audience without overdoing it; and it’s just a joy to watch. Don’t miss it!"

Mary Bauckham

"Had the pleasure of watching this show on their first fringe appearance. Wow. Incredibly talented and the storytelling was first class. Beautifully poignant and so worth the time."

Gillian Nelson

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Cast & Creatives

William Shakespeare Sam Veck
Anne Shakespeare Victoria Baumgartner
Olivia Burbage Charlie MacKellar
Richard Burbage Kieran Taylor-Ford
Earl of Southampton / Christopher Marlowe / Gravedigger / The Queen Jack Spencer

Writer & Director Victoria Baumgartner
Costumes Karolina Luisoni
Assistant Director Ruth Hunduma
PR & Communication Noémy Menyhart

Pictures by Nathan Ford

Special thanks to

all our Kickstarter crowdfunding supporters.

We could not have done it without your generous donations.

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Donatella Gabrielli

Fanny Comba

Florent & Marie Carbone

George Veck

Gergely Odor

Gillian Barmes

Hazel Veck

Hélène LaGrotteria

Isabelle Munyankindi

Jacques Dubochet

Jade Andrey

Jean-Claude Sauthier

Joe Evans

Joseph Veck

Juliette Genolet

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Katherine Moran


Laura Beer

Léa Fanchon

Luca Da Pare

Lyudmyla Dutruel

Marine Spalletta

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Nicole Baumgartner

Nina Babayan

Olivier Maillard

Olly Bovay

Peter Hevoud

Pierre Fankhauser

Pierre Magnenat

Prof. Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet

Prof. Kevin Curran

Raphaël Braunschweig

Sara Dominguez

Sarah Morley

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Sergio Mendolia

Sofia Armella

Stefanie Ginster

Susan Morris

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Sylvie Stefanelli

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