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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review by Lung Ha Theatre Company

August, 2019

As Shakespeare himself had once stated “Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.”
And remarkable is exactly how I would describe this show.
A story that reaches all, whether you know a lot of Shakespeare and his life or if you are only starting to learn about the Barb and his immortal works, this is a show not to be missed.


A native of Morges packs Shakespeare in her luggage

La Côte, Switzerland
April 17, 2019
Original article in French

CULTURE - A child of Morges, Victoria Baumgartner travels Europe to present her creations dedicated to the legendary playwright William Shakespeare.
Many schoolchildren have felt the joys and fears of end-of-year shows. As a child, Victoria Baumgartner knew these sensations very well, since she had her first theatre and acting experiences in Préverenges. Shortly before being on stage in the Beausobre Theatre « thanks to a partnership between my school and the theatre itself. » When we asked her where we could possibly meet up, the young 29-year-old woman naturally suggested the Beausobre Theatre.


Victoria Baumgartner – Don’t settle for anything other than your dreams

Career Conversations, Switzerland
December 10, 2018

I am super, super excited about this episode with Victoria Baumgartner – almost feeling a little embarrassed actually because I say this about every episode – but this one is really special.

Victoria is, unlike my other guest, not a scientist but a theatre director and writer and has founded her own theatre company that produces plays around the life and work of William Shakespeare. If you want to check out her work, you can find it at

What I loved about the interview with Victoria is, that she has never settled for anything but her dreams. She knew intuitively from an early age on that she wanted her work to evolve around Shakespeare and directed her first play still as a teenager. Later, after studying English literature, she quite a job in a communication firm after one year of misery to finally turn her dream into reality. She worked hard, did student jobs while her friends already made a nice amount of money and at some point she finally was successful. Today you can see her plays in three different languages in Switzerland, Germany and the UK.


Meaning on Stage

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany
November 11, 2018
Original article in German

Victoria Baumgartner is also convinced of that: "Art, culture, theatre are always essential, but today more important than ever to bring people together to exchange, to stimulate reflection." Will or Eight Lost Years of William Shakespeare's Life deals with the stormy beginnings of the world-renowned poet. 1585 finds the young Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon, which he leaves to follow his passion by sea and land, in taverns full of actors, and then loses his only son, Hamnet.

Baumgartner stages all this in a very lively manner, with music and improvised dancing. It is fresh and sometimes so movingly played that one feels a lump rising in one’s throat.


A Festival with Woman Power

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany
November 6, 2018
Original article in German

The ensemble of the young author, actress and director Victoria Baumgartner goes another way, and they approach the world of the great William Shakespeare from a new perspective: How could one imagine the time before Shakespeare found his way onto the road to success? "Will, or the 8 Lost Years of William Shakespeare's Life" tells this story on the evening of November 17 and 18 with a mixture of fantasy and reality, references to his future works, modern music and free-improvised dance. On the afternoon of November 18, the audience can follow what Shakespeare's twins Judith and Hamnet could have narrated.


Shakespeare is all about gut-feelings!

Plans Cultes, Switzerland
October 17, 2018
Original interview in French

A play about the life of young Will, who has not yet become the great Shakespeare, ended its performances last weekend in Switzerland. The company and the play, created by director and author Victoria Baumgartner, will revive her piece next month in Germany.

Interview. Victoria Baumgartner, Will's Swiss tour ended in Sion. What is your balance sheet? I am sometimes surprised by the audiences' interest in the play. In Switzerland, on the sidelines of the last performances, I gave a workshop to the high school kids who attended shows booked for them by the school during the week. They responded so well that some of them came back to see Will during the weekend!

Will The Stage.png

Will review at Rose Playhouse, London – ‘a stylish hagiography’

The Stage
April 2018

Swiss-Ukrainian playwright Victoria Baumgartner’s Will is a tender love letter to Shakespeare.  The play’s wide-eyed wonder at the power of the his language is infectious. Baumgartner directs a stylish production. The storytelling feels rushed, but Baumgartner’s firm belief in the power of poetry and well-placed emotional beats make Will a strangely fascinating work.


WILL or Eight Lost Years of Young William Shakespeare’s Life | Review

London Theatre 1
March 2018

It makes for a unique and fascinating experience. The nearest we can get to time travel. But it’s not just the history and intimacy of this unique space it’s the quality of the show. Everything about this show shouts top draw, top quality, top stuff. It is written and directed by Victoria Baumgartner. She has written an engrossing play which over the course of eighty minutes (eight years in eighty minutes) does what Lord Reith declared ought to be the mission of the BBC: to inform, educate and entertain.

Will - Spy in Stalls.png

Will or Eight Lost Years of William Shakespeare's Life | Rose Playhouse

The Spy in the Stalls
March 2018

A top notch cast indeed, who manage the shifts between fantasy and reality, past and present, fact and conjecture, tragedy and comedy. The play is bursting with echoes to Shakespeare’s future works.
Shakespeare began by dreaming of words nobody else could find. He ended up adding nearly two thousand to the English language. This play is an ingenious celebration of that fact: delighfully clever yet beguiling and moving. A real gem

Capture d’écran 2019-10-22 à

Will, The Rose Playhouse – Review

Everything Theatre
April 2018

This unique production blew me away – I was moved to tears twice (and that doesn’t happen very often). Just like any Shakespeare play, it is full of comedy and tragedy, and touches on universal and eternal themes: the plight of female equality is one that particularly struck a chord with me. Go and see this production to gain an insight into the young Will’s life and the torment of a poet wrestling with the demons of genius.

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