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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review


Lung Ha Theatre Company 

August 2019

As Shakespeare himself had once stated “Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.”And remarkable is exactly how I would describe this show. A story that reaches all, whether you know a lot of Shakespeare and his life or if you are only starting to learn about the Barb and his immortal works, this is a show not to be missed.

A Native of Morges Packs Shakespeare in Her Luggage


La Côte, Switzerland
April 17, 2019

Original article in French

CULTURE - A child of Morges, Victoria Baumgartner travels Europe to present her creations dedicated to the legendary playwright William Shakespeare.
Many schoolchildren have felt the joys and fears of end-of-year shows. As a child, Victoria Baumgartner knew these sensations very well, since she had her first theatre and acting experiences in Préverenges. Shortly before being on stage in the Beausobre Theatre « thanks to a partnership between my school and the theatre itself. » When we asked her where we could possibly meet up, the young 29-year-old woman naturally suggested the Beausobre Theatre.

Victoria Baumgartner – Don’t settle for anything other than your dreams

Career Conversations, Switzerland
December 10, 2018

"I am super, super excited about this episode with Victoria Baumgartner – almost feeling a little embarrassed actually because I say this about every episode – but this one is really special.

Victoria is, unlike my other guest, not a scientist but a theatre director and writer and has founded her own theatre company that produces plays around the life and work of William Shakespeare..."

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