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Fusing together poetry, comedy and dance, with mystery, fantasy and hard reality, Judith and Hamnet, an exciting new play by Sam Veck & Victoria Baumgartner follows the tale of Shakespeare’s own twins as they battle against the unfair world they’re thrown in.

A deeply moving, brilliantly acted, and aesthetically focused play.

Prof. Kevin Curran, Director of the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival

Judith & Hamnet

Let me tell you a story.
Our story.
The story of a brother and a sister born within the same hour,
With nothing that could have torn them apart.

Twins were a recurring theme in Shakespeare’s plays, and they have also been the source of many myths and legends. In his later plays, twins are lost, found, and lost again. Judith and Hamnet are not only Shakespeare’s twins, but are also the children of the most famous writer in the history of the world, and they are trying to help each other carry the legacy that comes with that title. However, they are also just kids learning to deal with life, death and grief.

Originally produced in Switzerland at the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival, the play gained great support from its premier audience and went on to the European Theatre Festival of the Theatre tri-bühne in Stuttgart, Germany, SETT to high acclaim.


Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

Cast & Creatives

Created by Victoria Baumgartner & Sam Veck

Communication & special thanks to Noémy Menyhart

Photography & Teaser Noé Ciompi

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